Hyper Real World will be created and driven by Virtual Intellectual Property !

Virtual Intellectual Property

Virtual Intellectual Property ( Virtual IP )

Property is a general term given to anything of economic value belonging to an individual or group, and can be tangible or intangible. Objects that physically exist, such as land or money, are known as physical property, and the rights that guarantee the ownership and profit from intangible thoughts, expressions and technology are known as intellectual property rights.

With the recent popularity and mainstream use of technology that fuses information with reality (such as virtual reality, augmented reality or projection mapping) and technology regarding the physical representation of information (such as 3D printers, robots or telexistence), we also see the spread of a sense of virtual value in these technologies equal to or greater than their physical value.

We think that the influence of such technology surpasses that of physical or intellectual assets in our increasingly information-oriented society, and would like to define virtual intellectual property as a third category of property rights.