Hyper Real World will be created and driven by Virtual Intellectual Property !

Business deployment

We have received offers from within Japan regarding the virtualization of famous individuals, though we have been pursuing partnerships with major American entertainment companies as well as partnerships to provide content to businesses in China, Korea and other Asian countries in order to branch out into the worldwide market.

Apart from real-world people, we also aim to create virtual IPs from fictional characters like the famous Hatsune Miku to be distributed worldwide.

Partnership proposal

Partnership proposal for Corbis Entertainment

  • A contractor partnership to produce high-quality holographic video at a reduced cost.
  • To form license contracts as a distributor of holographic content from Japanese virtual celebrities and cooperate as a partner towards expansion in the global market.
  • To undertake the virtualization of celebrity images in your company’s possession, the management of virtual IPs and the production of content for the expansion within Japanese and worldwide markets.

We propose a partnership focused on synergy brought about by a cooperative business development strategy.